Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moodfit?

Moodfit provides you with interior design services fully online so you don't have to leave your office or home when planning your dream space. You can even use our service from your mobile device! We only charge you a one-time fee for every room design requested from one of our designers. 

What do we mean by "fully online"?

The entire design phase is executed on our user-friendly platform. When you start your project, you will match with 3 interior designers based on your style selections. Once you invite your favorite designer, he will be working on 3 design ideas for you, and you will be able to communicate with him using this platform at any time of the day. 

Not too fond of online services?

Not a problem, our user-friendly platform allows you to easily check your designs, input your feedback and communicate with the designer. If something is unclear to you, we are here to assist you. Get in touch with us by e-mail on info@moodfit.me, phone or through the contact us section.

What kind of projects can Moodfit help you with?

We can help you with any interior design related project as long as no construction is required. You can either be looking to enhance a space, or remodel the whole place, whether at home or at the office. You can request a design for a single room, or several, and pay a one-time fee per room. We will assist you in the design from the choice of flooring, to the fabric and the smallest accessories to decorate with.

How do our packages differ and which one should you choose?

The Classic package is our most affordable package and the best solution to anyone with a tight budget. You will match with 3 of our interior designers, invite your favorite and launch your project.

The Premium package is ideal for clients looking to team up with our most expert designers. You will match with 3 of our top interior designers, invite your favorite and launch your project.

The Custom package is ideal for Commercial spaces and large scale projects, this package has it all! from customized ceiling design to tailored woodworks, tiling and site visits. 

Got an open space and wondering how many rooms it is considered?

An open space distribution can be confusing, this is why we charge according to the number of areas you wish to design in this open space. For instance, if your living room and dining room are in an open space, and you want both areas designed, we will charge you for 2 rooms. If you only want one section designed, i.e the living room space, we will charge you for 1 room. In this case, you can still include photos of the entire space so that the designer maintains the mood and style of the space, but only design one part of it.  If this is still unclear, you are more than welcome to e-mail us some photos of your open space, along with the floor plan and dimensions on info@moodfit.me so we can better assist you in evaluating the pricing of your project.

How do we proceed with a project?

At first, you will take a design quiz and submit some information about your space and your project. This  will allow us to narrow the pool of designers to your top 3 matches. You can browse their profiles, choose your favorite and invite him to your project. He will work on 3 design ideas and you will be able to communicate with him and give him your feedback until you get the design you love. At this point, You will receive a customized design, a list of recommended shopping items, as well as a final floor plan.

How long does a project usually take?

A regular 1 room project can take up to 2 weeks from beginning to end, excluding ordering and delivering the furniture. Every additional room will require 3 more days of design. 

How will the designer know my style preferences?

The designer will receive the information that you include about your space and project, so be elaborate and specify what you like and dislike to help him understand your expectations. The information gathered from the design quiz will also help the designer know your taste. You’ll have plenty of time to exchange with your designer and communicate your ideas.

What's a First Look?

A First Look is an introductory style board, prepared by your designer based on your design brief and his first impression of your space. This is not the final design, it is only a starting point for you and your designer to get on track. Here's an example board:


What if you don't like your designer matches?

If you don’t like any of the matching designers, you can browse our designers directory and invite the one you like most. You can also select that you don’t like the designer and the algorithm will search for other matching designers. You can also contact us and we will help you find your match. Remember that you do not check out unless you liked your matching designer and invited him to work on your project.

How does the communication with the designer happen?

The design process is fully online therefore you can follow up with your designers and find all your communication on our online platform. If for any reason you require an urgent phone call with your designer, let us know and we will set up a conference call to put you in touch!

What do you get from using MoodFit?

You will receive at least 3 First Looks from your matching designer, then during the design time, you will receive several drafts of the chosen look. Once the project is completed, you will receive the final customized design along with a final floor plan and a list of recommended shopping items and where you can buy them from (or we can buy them for you - check our free Purchase Assistant service).  

How much does it cost?

We charge a one-time fee for the design. If you have a residential project, our Classic Package, which offers all of the above, costs $300 per room. The Premium Package, rated at $500 per room, puts you in contact with our top designers. You define the budget you want to set for your space, whether you're willing to pay $500 or $50,000, the designers will take that budget into consideration. If you have a commercial project for your business establishment, our Commercial Packages range from $500 to $900 per room. We also offer Custom Packages depending on each project's scale.

What's a multi-room project?

A multi-room project is for when you want to design more than one room in your space. It is worth mentioning that you will only receive 3 first looks for one room only. You will choose which room this is when you launch your project. Once you match with a designer and agree on a look, he will be designing each room at a time to offer you the best outcome for all rooms equally. If you have several rooms to design but want different designers to work on them, you will need to launch a new project for each room.

Something went wrong?

Don't worry about it, we are here to help you, round-the-clock. Get in touch with us by e-mail on info@moodfit.me, phone or through the live chat.

Want to edit your design brief?

You will see an "edit" button next to all your answers, except for the budget. You can also add any extra details you want to provide the designers in the "other details" section at any time. If you can't see the "edit" button, simply send us an e-mail on info@moodfit.me and we will assist you!

Want to communicate with your designer?

You can relay your comments and feedback to the designer at any time during the design phase by adding them on the style board. Make sure to let him know if you don't like something so that he can make the needed changes to suit your style preferences

How many times can you communicate with your designer?

As soon as you launch your project, and up until the moment your final design package is sent to you, you can communicate with your designer at all times. This is a two-way collaboration and your design can only be as you wish it to be if you communicate with the designer. We are also here to assist you at any given moment. Get in touch with us by e-mail, phone or through the live chat

Will you still be able to communicate with the designer after you receive the final design package?

Of course. Simply input your comments in the comments section of the final design package. This is available for 30 days after delivery. If this period has passed, you can still get in touch with us by e-mail, phone or through the live chat.

Need more time?

If the design period is over and you're still not convinced with the design, send us an e-mail on info@moodfit.me with a link to your project and we'll be more than glad to extend the time.

How much time does your designer need to deliver the final design?

We normally allow a 3 day design period to work on the design and submit it. If you don't receive anything after 3 days, send us an e-mail on info@moodfit.me with the name of your project and we will look into it for you.

Need to make changes on the final design?

Our designers' goal is your satisfaction, so make sure to send your comments in the comments section of the final design package during the 30 day period if you need to make any changes or fixes. If your designer isn't answering you, feel free to get in touch with us by e-mail, phone or through the live chat.

What if a product is no longer available?

Your designer can help you choose a different product if it's not available in the store within 30 days of receiving the shopping list. After this period, you can get in touch with us and we can assist you in choosing a replacement item.

Can your designer advise you on the amount of needed finishing materials (such as tiles, wood, wallpaper, etc)?

In order for the designer to give you an accurate estimate, you will need to get a professional contractor to take the needed measures and his own estimate for the space.

Do you need us to buy the items for you?

We'd love to do that! Our free Purchase Assistant service enables you to receive all the needed items right at your doorstep. Simply check on the "Purchase Assistant" box. You will then input the shipping details and delivery preferences. Once you submit this information, we will receive an e-mail with your shopping list. After that, we will send you an invoice for the total cost. Once the payment is made, our team will purchase the items and have them delivered to you. It's important to note that sales are irreversible and cannot be canceled. However, if you receive any damaged, defective or wrong item, we will make sure to exchange it for you.

Wondering about our refund policy?

We understand that designing your space is something very personal. If at some point throughout your project you feel that you don't like the designs presented by the designer, or the communication with him, you can apply for a refund by sending us an e-mail on info@moodfit.me. Before we approve the refund, we will need to discuss the designs you received with you over the phone to get a clear understanding of the issue.

Wondering where our service available?

We cover all the Middle East and North Africa (except Israel).  If you live outside the MENA you can send us a message to info@moodfit.me and we will be happy to identify suppliers within your reach and launch your project. Your project has moved into the "Interact with your designer" phase. Will you receive more First Looks? Once you move to the "interact with your designer" phase, you won't receive additional first looks. However you can still give your comments on the designs you received so that the designer can know what you like and what you don't like about the design, as well as ask any questions you might have. Your designer will give you feedback on how he will be amending the chosen design style according to your comments.

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